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    News in efficient sales teams management, in their development and motivation, and also in models of rewards.

    Moderation: Petra Šimková, Lecturer, mySkill

    What Does CEO Expect from his/her Sales Team?

    Dan Buryš, CEO, Kofola ČeskoSlovensko

    Kofola is a company that always searches for its own way. The specific role of the sales team is a part of this attitude. We take it as an integral part of our “core business”. I expect from the sales team not only great sales results but also that it will be a promoter of our company culture and it will search consistently for equilibrium between common sense and high-function systems.

    Current Changes in Purchase Policy of B2B Company Customers Every Salesman Should Know

    Karel Otýs, Lecturer and Author of Training Programs for Purchase Managers and B2B Salesmen, Amplio

    How do the purchase processes and decision-making in different types of companies change and what is the implication for the salesmen. The business relationship from the company customer point of view.

    The Entrepreneurial Mindset – the Only Way for the Best Salesmen Teams

    Tomáš Vodenka, Founder and Consultant, VORK consulting

    Why the training of the SPIN and salesmen skills or high-tech CRM application will not increase the salesman performance? What should the sales director/manager do to prevent holding back the better performance? What is the job and skills of real leaders of the greatest sales teams?

    The Greatest People and Their Good Cooperation Within the Team

    Miroslav Holub, Business Development Director, RENOMIA GROUP

    B2B services with high added value require special treatment of the colleagues in all the phases of their professional life. How to build up a well-functioning team composed of distinctive characters. How to motivate them and prevent the burnout of the salesmen in a long term.

    How to (not) Smash the Sales Team Safely? (fuck-up sales-stories)

    Martin Lukeš, Owner, KRC Team

    Mistakes happen, however, in case of managing a sales team, it is particularly expensive. How small mistakes may have serious consequences and how to learn a lesson from them.

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    Instruments and processes for more efficient work, analytics, good setting of the goals and control of their performance.

    Moderation: Petra Šimková, Lecturer, mySkill

    Sell Where People Buy

    Miroslav Princ, Lecturer and Author ,

    Salesmen are instinctively aiming to close the deal as quickly as possible. Consequently, they skip important steps the customers want to go through. When cases stop for weeks and months at offers without a decision, salesmen look for ways how to motivate customers. They do not search for new cases because they are waiting for those which are just before the decision. Where are the limits of salesmen at work? How can a sales director reveal these limits and take advantage of them?

    Smart Leads – Targeted Microsegmentation

    Zdeněk Honek, Sales Director, Bisnode

    Searching for customers using the smart data. Targeted microsegmentation based on conventional data and data which are published by companies on their websites, in media, and public date-bases and other interesting sources, which enable to find targeted optimum customers. How does artificial intelligence and machine learning help to this process?

    Salesmen Typology and Optimum Combination of Roles in Teams

    Jaroslav Jíra, Managing Partner & Founder, Kogi

    What is actually a sales team and how to create it? What is decisive for the success of salesman and sales team, what are the drivers of the success and what definitely kills it?

    CRM as a Good Servant, Not a Bad Master

    Jiří Panec, Division Director, Vision Praha

    Concrete examples how to generate satisfied customers with the support of the information system. It is not only about the record of contacts and the communication, and pre-sales activities as pipeline. The relationship with the customer has to be built in all the phases of business process. The real sample in different phases will be showed, how to used to work before and how does it work now.

    How to Act at Selection Procedure?

    Ivo Janda, Partner, White & Case Prague

    The public sector is one of the major customer segments in number of companies. Due to strict legal regulation it has number of specific characteristic and risks. How to organize sale within this segment and avoid the danger of prosecution at the same time? Can the tenderer communicate with the contracting authority and other competitive bidders? How to act in case of the audit of the antitrust authority or police inspection?

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    Panel discussion of leaders of successful sales teams and sharing their know-how.

    Moderation: Kristian Gambiraža, Mentor,


    Marie Doušová, Business Executive Officer-Central and Eastern Europe, Nestle Professional 

    Vladimír Dvořák, Regional Manager for MidMarket, Autocont

    Jiří Král, Head of Brokers Support, Česká pojišťovna

    Martina Lovčíková, Business Leader

    Václav Větrovec, CEO and Owner, Vetos dveře a zárubně

    Barbara Tutass, Head of Large Corporates, Raiffeisenbank CZ

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    Closing Cocktail and Networking