What is Sales Management?

Expert meeting of Sales Directos, Sales Managers, leaders of sales teams and Key Account Managers from leading companies on the Czech market. The event brings a guideline and an inspiration for efficient sales teams on how to combine different personalities of salesmen, how to motivate them and reward then, and generally, on how to guarantee sustainable well functioning of the sales team despite of external, and possibly also internal, influences (as change of boss might be, for example).

What will the year 2021 be about?

The conference focuses on the question what is a key to well functioning sales team. People are crucial - their development, motivation, evaluation. What instruments are suitable to encourage this will be aimed to. The goal of the conference is to create an open space for discussion were useful advices, handy experiences and often non conformist ideas which might be surprising to connect with the sales at first sight, will be heard.

Who is it for?

The conference is intended for owners, directors of companies, Sales Directors, leaders of sales teams and customer care, Business Development managers, consultants and for all, who aim to achieve significant results in sales.