What is Sales Management?

Expert meeting of Sales Directos, Sales Managers, leaders of sales teams and Key Account Managers from leading companies on the Czech market. The event brings a guideline and an inspiration for efficient sales teams on how to combine different personalities of salesmen, how to motivate them and reward then, and generally, on how to guarantee sustainable well functioning of the sales team despite of external, and possibly also internal, influences (as change of boss might be, for example).

About event

What will the year 2022 be about?

The world has radically changed as a result of the events of the past two years. We have all been faced with a number of challenges. What has changed and how have successful companies been able to cope with the new challenges in their sales departments?

  • Business Development: What does persist from the rules the Covid era has taught us?

  • How to maintain a relationship with a client remotely?

  • What does an effective online meeting look like?

  • LinkedIn: has the HR tool become a business platform? Is it possible to communicate with clients via LinkedIn?

  • Has CRM changed into „píchačky“ (worktime measurement tool) of sales people?

  • What is the role of the sales team at a time when demand often exceeds supply?

  • Hasn´t the original motivation program of sellers become more of a demotivation one recently? How to change the incentive system in times "when there are no goods"?

  • How is the competency mix of buyers and sales managers changing?

We will look for answers to these and many other questions together with the bosses of successful companies at the next year of Sales Management conference. The aim of the event is to create an open space for discussion, where useful advice and practical experience will be shared.

Who is it for?

The conference is intended for owners, directors of companies, Sales Directors, leaders of sales teams and customer care, Business Development managers, consultants and for all, who aim to achieve significant results in sales.